Film Podcast Review : A History Of Misunderstanding

History Of Misunderstanding Movie Podcast

A History Of Misunderstanding bills itself as ‘a semi-comedic podcast about films’, which is not quite right for two reasons :-

  1. it’s much funnier than ‘semi’-comedic – the sometimes blunt comments are laugh out loud (but not for the easily offended)!, and
  2. more of this reason in a moment…

Hosts Smokey and Steven have an excellent taste in films, they talk about all sorts of genres including foreign language films and movies from all eras.  The discussion on the films is very natural and amusing as well as providing plenty of thoughtful insights.  There are also bonus episodes in the feed including Smokey’s solo show reviewing a film in 5 minutes, as well as Mrs. Smokey’s Film School.  This latter series features Smokey and Mrs. Smokey introducing each other to films the other one has never seen.  It’s interesting listening to them try not to disparage each other’s beloved movies!  Introducing a partner to a favourite film is something we’ve all experienced – believe it it not but I found out recently that despite reaching her mid thirties Mrs. GoodPodcasts had never seen Back To The Future!

So back to point 2) from above, I’ve often mentioned about how certain podcasts are examples of how podcasts should be made, but this show is a great example of how podcastING should be conducted – while this is primarily a movie show, it is also a podcast recommendation show as the guys devote a decent chunk of each episode to talking about shows they have enjoyed and their communications with other podcasters.  It is fantastic that the recommendations include other film podcasts – any thought of competition is completely disregarded, it is all very much about creating a spirit of community, of support, of us all being in this together!

Let’s face it most of us are never going to earn any money from podcasting, we’re doing it for a love of whatever subject we’ve chosen – the reward (more so than listening statistics) is hearing from people who listen to our ramblings, so for Smokey and Steven to take the time on their own show to talk about others, as well as promoting them on their Twitter account, is fantastic.

So as well as a great taste in movies and providing entertaining chat, these fully-comedic guys should be held up as an example to the podcaster community!

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Comedy Podcast Review : 4AM CAB

4AM CAB Comedy Podcast

This is one of the shows that highlight what podcasting is all about – rather than wait to get a comedy sitcom/sketch show commissioned by ‘official’ radio (particularly one such as this with sometime dark undertones which could prove problematic!) the makers have taken matters into their own hands and gone ahead and produced it themselves.

It is a kind of difficult show to describe – to say that it is a comedy sketch show somehow doesn’t feel enough.  You wouldn’t know that this wasn’t a commercially available programme – there are multiple actors, extremely high production values, and an excellent standard of writing.  It has elements of sitcom as well as sketch comedy, and underpinning the whole thing is a consistent quality of audio production – music mixed with sound effects, vocal treatments etc.  There is an (almost) anything goes approach to the tone of the show, it can veer into some dark territory sometimes but skilfully never oversteps the mark.  The material is not just written by the production team, but is also sourced from general submissions on the website – this must provide a wealth of material, and the subsequent filtering means that each show is a finely honed 20 or so minutes of comedy.

It is currently on series 3, and as the main driving force Lee Wilson claims to have been made a nervous wreck due to the pressures of producing this show, a) you owe it to him to listen to it if you haven’t yet, and b) he needn’t be a nervous wreck as the show is very funny, I wish there were more like it!

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Film Podcast Review : How Is This Movie

How Is This Movie film podcast

I love How Is This Movie – while there are great film podcasts out there (see the film category for some examples!) that focus on current or retro film reviews together with top 3s etc., it is very very refreshing to find a show that talks around the subject of film, looking at topics such as streaming services & the demise of the video store to analysis of film certification and discussion of films & politics with the infamous Hollywood blacklist.

As well as general film subjects, they do also discuss specific films, for example they looked at the Star Wars saga and a recent episode examined Back To The Future, but they always come at it from a slightly different angle to other shows – you can tell that a huge amount of research has been undertaken, and a conscious effort has been made to approach the subject in a new way.

It is clear that the main host, Dana Buckler, doesn’t mind the work involved in researching the show – his love for movies is writ large throughout the shows and his general presentation style makes each episode fly by, you’re in safe hands here!  On some shows Dana is joined by co-host Jonathan Geneva, and on these episodes they take it in turns to tell aspects of the subject of that show.  The interplay between them is excellent and while they don’t play on it too much there is also a slight age gap that gives added depth to the conversation – for example the episode on Batman illustrates the perspective of Dana, who was in line to watch Michael Keaton don the cowl in ’89 (as was I!) compared to Jonathan who found it slightly later and therefore watched it without being surrounded by all of the Bat-hype of the time!

So this show isn’t necessarily the place to come for reviews of the movies currently packing out the multiplexes, this is for film fans wanting to expand their awareness of general movie issues, film history and to discover new information about much loved classics.  Highly recommended.

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Comedy Podcast Review : Succotash

Succotash comedy podcast

Who doesn’t love a laugh?!?!  If you’re a comedy podcasts fan then you should listen to the Succotash Comedy Podcast Podcast with Marc Hershon.  Marc is an enthusiastic supporter of comedy podcasts, and together with associate producer Tyson Saner they fill each episode with clips from a broad spectrum of shows, uncovering some real gems along the way.  The podcasts that are highlighted cover a broad range of comedy programmes, from shows that are more obviously comedy featuring sketches and comedy improvisation (such as GoodPodcasts favourites Inverse Delirium, John Dredge, ManBuyCow and 4am Cab) to the shows that are more free-wheeling, featuring amusing general discussions between hosts, for example What A Pair Of Trousers, Adam & JP and Screams & Moans.

Each episode also features its own sections including the regular ‘Bursts Of Durst’ where comedian Will Durst offers commentary on a range of subjects, and a look at the Top 10 Most Active Shows in the Stitcher comedy podcast list – note that podcasts may move down as well as up!!  Succotash also regularly features interviews with comedy podcast producers such as Monica Hamburg from the Dazed & Convicted podcast.

If you have a comedy podcast and haven’t yet been featured, don’t sit there grumbling as you’ve only yourself to blame – even though they trawl the comedy podcast lists themselves to source clips, there’s only so much time in the day, so they are very active on social media inviting podcasters to submit their own clips to potentially be featured on the show.

It feels a bit odd that this is a podcast recommendation for a podcast recommendation show, but Marc is an excellent host, the clips are varied and as I tend not to feature the non-scripted kind of shows on this site, I’ve no hesitation in recommending that you subscribe to Succotash to hear a huge range of comedy podcasts!

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Hip-Hop Music Podcast Review : Air Adam

Air Adam Hip Hop Music Podcast

I love a wide variety of music, and that isn’t something that is necessarily represented on this site – most of the music shows I’ve tipped are electronic dance music of one form or another, but I also like all forms of guitar music (for example the music played on the excellent Indiestry podcast) amongst classical music, the blues, and all sorts of other songs of all genres going back many years.  The post I wrote on music podcasts goes some way to highlighting that variety, but there was one glaring omission that has always bugged me – hip hop!

Over the years that I’ve been listening to podcasts I’ve often tried to find a good hip-hop/rap one but have always been found left wanting, and I’m not sure why – I may be wrong but I always thought that the legend of hip-hop was born and bred via home production of mix tapes, street-corner improvisation and underground rap battles.  Surely the ‘free-for-all’ attitude of podcasts means that it is the ideal place for aspiring DJs, producers and MCs to ply their trade?!

So it was a relief to finally find the Air Adam podcast – a music podcast focusing on rap & hip-hop, along with a bit of soul & funk.  Manchester (UK) based Adam is firmly entrenched in the hip-hop scene, producing his own tracks and DJing at events as well as being an accomplished photographer, documenting the Manchester hip-hop scene as well as other photography styles.  Air Adam should have a word with the Northern Soul people to show them about the northern hip hop scene – thankfully it’s not just all boys with guitars!

While it was a relief to find a hip-hop show, it was even more of a relief that it is an excellent one – there is a diverse selection of tracks within the genre from better known tracks to more obscure songs, mixed well and presented with a nice laid-back vibe.  Some of the best show notes I’ve ever seen too!

Find it on the main website, LibSyn and Twitter

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Podcast Head To Head : James Bond Podcasts

PodClash – Battle Of The Bonds!

This post has gone through a few iterations!  Initially it was going to just be a review of James Bonding, however I then became aware of two other James Bond podcasts – James Bond Radio and The Q Branch – so the idea became to have a ‘Bond-off’ between the three.  However Q Branch seems to have gone quiet so instead, much as people debate who is the best Bond, we are going to have a head-to-head to decide the best Bond podcast!

James Bonding podcastJames Bonding is a podcast on the Nerdist network hosted by Matt Gourley and Matt Mira.  Each episode they, along with a fellow comedian guest, review an entry in the James Bond film series.  Cleverly they are flipping between eras, starting with the first film (“Dr. No”) then the last (“Skyfall”) then back to “Thunderball” then forwards again to “Quantum Of Solace” and so on.  This rather handily avoids the problem of having multiple podcast episodes in a row getting through the sometimes embarrassing Roger Moore period towards the wrinkly end as well as the appalling Pierce Brosnan films that could have very easily killed the series!

James Bond Radio PodcastKeeping the British end up is James Bond Radio hosted by Tom Seers and Chris Wright.  Where James Bonding bases each episode almost exclusively on discussions of the films, James Bond Radio has much more of a variety, with different episodes featuring discussion of current Bond news, interviews, episodes devoted to gadgets etc., as well as similarly in depth film reviews.

Both shows absolutely LOVE James Bond but that is not to say that that love is blind, they are equally aware that some of the films have their crap moments, and that the politics of the series are sometimes somewhat questionable!  They both also know the films inside out as well as being able to provide extensive cast & crew details, ‘making of’ trivia, along with potential alternate theme music, anecdotes and personal reminiscences.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the idea was to find the best Bond podcast in the same way that people debate the best Bond actor.  Of course though, the debate on the best Bond actor is continually ongoing as different people like different Bonds – and without sitting on the fence too much, these podcasts are both good in different ways!  However I can’t just sit on the fence though so if you put a Walther PPK to my head, my favourite is James Bond Radio.

As well as the variety in content that I mentioned earlier, the discussion in James Bond Radio is also natural and amusing without trying too hard, whereas James Bonding, featuring as it does professional comedians with a improvisation background, can sometimes disappear down rabbit holes with the result being that the shows can be overlong – there can be too much of a good thing!  Also, when James Bonding play film/music clips and then talk over them the audio can become quite jumbled.

Pick an episode of each show to start with and see whose approach you prefer – but be warned that your spare time will evaporate as the enthusiasm and love that all of these guys have for the series will compel you to either buy or get the box-set off the shelf and watch/listen along!

Check out James Bond Radio on the Web, Twitter, Facebook and iTunes

Check out James Bonding on the Web, iTunes and Twitter.

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Podcast Review : A Better Life

A Better Life Podcast

The host of the ‘A Better Life’ podcast, Michael Ross, is the living embodiment of the principals that he espouses in this newcomer to the self-help podcast scene.  He has turned his life around from going off the rails as a younger man and it is this life experience that he draws on in these shows – his personal anecdotes help to lend credence to the self improvement tips that are being suggested.  Michael is an enthusiastic host, with an energy that fizzes through the airwaves – one of his mantras each episode is about taking action on the suggestions being made rather than just passively listening, and with a motivational host such as this one, you’ll have to be pretty lazy not to want to take up that advice!!

As well as Michael’s personal tales, the 20-30 minute shows also offer up other quotes and stories along with some scientific principals (don’t worry, they’re not too complicated!) that add colour and round out the points being made.  Finally there are some clear, practical tips and advice that, as mentioned, really should be listened to and actioned upon!

Check it out on the Web (have patience, the site is a bit slow to load), Facebook, Twitter and iTunes

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Problems with Apple’s Podcasts App?  Here’s the alternative!

Apple Podcasts App

So there’s been another iTunes and accompanying Podcasts app update, and as usual it’s swiftly followed by a slew of complaints from users that it’s crashing, messed up their podcasts, and it’s coupled with another batch of embarrassing reviews in the App Store.

Apple are renowned for making products that ‘just work’.  Well the abysmal Podcasts app disproves that theory quite comprehensively.  I had endless issues with the Apple app, from it racing through my cellular data usage even though all such settings were off, to causing a sync with iTunes to freeze every time it reached the podcasts part.  For some mysterious reason, this piece of software does not seem to be subject to the usual Apple quality controls!


Downcast App

Downcast on the other hand does ‘just work’.  You can easily search for new shows either by browsing charts (with the added option of looking at charts from ALL countries, not just your native setting), searching manually or by adding in a specific RSS feed yourself.  You can create podcast lists, configure all sorts of updating/organisational settings, show notes appear with clickable links…the list of positives goes on and on and I’ve never had any problems using it.


This isn’t meant to be a review or a ‘how to’ for Downcast, it’s just a simple piece of friendly advice from one podcast fan to others – if you listen to podcasts on an iPhone and you’ve been persevering with the Apple Podcasts app, STOP!  Use Downcast instead, you won’t regret it!

Podcast Interview : Funky House London

Funky House London

Yes, the title is correct, this week’s post isn’t a review, it’s a break from the norm and features the first GoodPodcasts interview.  While I love all kinds of music, regular readers will have noticed that the majority of the music reviews on the site have been dance music podcasts, or Electronic Dance Music (EDM) as it now seems to be known.  I do find it a bit strange that there are lots of dance music compilation albums in the charts when there are plenty of free music downloads available in the form of podcasts!  Dance music especially has a monopoly in the podcast world – a quick glance at the UK top 10 iTunes Music Podcast chart for example shows 8 out of 10 shows feature dance music in one form or another.

Dance music sub-genres come and go, with only a few having any staying power – it could be age catching up with me, but if, in 10 years time, Good Podcasts Jr. is blasting out dubstep in his bedroom I will no doubt turn into a stereotypical out-of-touch parent, banging on the ceiling and bemoaning the lack of any discernible tune…leaving aside the fact that I used to listen to some pretty horrendous Dutch gabba as a teenager!!

A branch of dance music that has endured however is Funky House – as well as being music that just makes me want to dance, it’s a genre that is so uplifting it could almost be prescribed as mood-medicine, you’d have to be the staunchest emo-kid for this it not to bring a smile to your face.  Funky House London celebrates the genre, and I’m delighted to present this interview with the creator of the show, Andy, in order to celebrate his 8 years of podcasting.  Here is the interview :-

If the above player doesn’t work for you, you can subscribe via the links page.

Thank-you very much again to Andy for the interview – if you haven’t yet checked out Funky House London then I really do urge you to do so!  If you’ve read this far then you are already part of the podcast movement but if you know people who love this kind of music and who don’t yet know what a podcast is, do them a favour, tell them about Funky House London, show them how easy it is to download and listen to a podcast – let’s get the word out there!

Find Funky House London on the web, Twitter and Facebook

Podcast Review : Attaboy Clarence

Attaboy Clarence PodcastAttaboy Clarence (from the final line in It’s A Wonderful Life) is a classic movie and old time radio podcast.  In a similar way that I don’t review shows like the Ricky Gervais podcast as it’s so popular there’s little point, host Adam Roche is using this show to give some love to some of the the forgotten gems from the era.  Each episode presents reviews, trivia and soundclips together with a complete ‘old time radio’ episode.

There are also episodes in the feed that are feature length documentaries, so far including a special on Sherlock Holmes as played by Basil Rathbone on film & radio and more recently the superb ‘Sex in Monochrome’ episode detailing how Hollywood handled sex prior to the Hays code in the ’30s.  These are comprehensive documentaries detailing cast and crew biographies, plot synopses, trivia, production details, critical reception, and also taking into account real-world events and their impact on the stories.  The shows clearly represent a huge amount of work both in terms of research and in compiling the soundbed of music and film/radio clips running throughout.  The effort really pays off and they are a high watermark for the podcast world – this is how podcasts should be made.

As with Down These Mean Streets, it’s great that these films and radio shows are being kept alive, and they’re certainly being done justice with the excellent production of this podcast by a very likeable host!

Find it on the Web, Facebook, Twitter and iTunes

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